I always believe that buying electronic stuff is a serious state of uncertainty or perplexity especially to make a choice between equally favorable options. Particularly when you decide to buy a new Laptop, difficulty magnifies a lot. There are too many brands in the market and each brand has a series of Laptops to offer, it is hard to choose the right one for you. Whatever your requirement is, you have to choose carefully. So I decided to write a guide that helps you to understand what type of Laptop suits you. First of all, this is not Lock, Stock and Barrel guide but gives a peek on various options available in the market.

List of best Laptop Brands

Let’s start with the top brands, the one having big market share. The list below is unorganized so no winner or loser here. It is just for the reference.

Each brand has its merits and demerits. No brand here has all the qualities like good performance, fast, good support, low cost, long battery life, quality attachments and packaging etc. Hence each brand has its own customer. Some needs Fast Speed, Some buy for Video Editing, Some needs Low Cost and some look at their laptops as extensions of their home entertainment systems or use them for intensive gaming. In order to categories all brands, I have to write an EBook. So I decided to limit my discussion only on Dell Laptops.

Why I choose Dell Laptops for Discussion.

I have chosen Dell for discussion due to many reasons.

• Dell is the top Selling Laptop Brand in Pakistan.
• Dell Laptop Prices in Pakistan starts Just above 40K PKR for Corei3 and ends at 230K making Dell an excellent price range brand.
• High resale value.
• Dell provides an excellent online Support.
• Dell offers a wide range of laptop Series for various categories.
• Dell is named after its founder name Michael Dell and is considered as largest technological company worldwide and it has about 103,300 employees.

Things to Consider Before Buying Laptop

Before move on you should ask these questions to yourself while buying any laptop.

Q1. Why I am buying a laptop? You should identify a purpose.
Q2. What is the budget range? Draw a maximum budget line.
Q3. Do you often travel? Consider the weight and size.

Depending upon the above answers, brainstorm for the following technicalities.

Operating System
Display size
Keyboard / Mouse pad
Hardware ports
Optical Drive
Accessories like HD Webcam

Understanding Dell Laptop Series

Your needs are what you must take into consideration when you go out to buy a dell laptop. Many people have different uses for their laptops. So before you buy a laptop, you need to determine first the purpose for which you will use it.
EXAMPLE: When you choose a laptop for your gaming needs, it does not really matter if the machine is light enough or has a long battery life. You would not be carrying it around a lot and it is highly likely that it will be plugged to a main power source all the time.
Dell tries hard to make laptop for every need. Let’s have a look below.

Business Laptops


Latitude-Dell Latitude E3540

Latitude is for the IT Professionals. Latitude line is Network-optimized for businesses with more than 10 employees and designed to allow for managed transitions and a low total cost of ownership. Latitude is perfect for a large networked environment, long-term stability and business-class computing.

Q. Are you an I.T Professional?

Q. Do you need long term Warrenty Contract?

Q. Do you need Network Optimized Machine?

Like: Wireless LAN and WiMAX Options:
Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6235 + Bluetooth® 4.0
Intel® Centrino® Ultimate-N 6300
Dell Wireless 1506 (802.11g/n 1×1)
Mobile Broadband7 & GPS Options: Dell Wireless™ 55707 HSPA+ (42Mbps) Mini Card

Model: Dell Latitude E3540
Prince in Pakistan: Around 67,000



Precision is mobile workstation and excels with high performance. Dell Precision workstations are certified to run a variety of workstation-class applications and are optimized for the high performance requirements and processing demands necessary for many engineering, finance, software development, digital content creation, digital video editing and GIS applications.

Q. Do you really need a Workstation?

Q. Do you need uncompromised performance?

Q. Do you need features like the below?

High Capacity SSD Drive
Fast SSD Memory Slot
Pro Security Features

Model: Dell Precision M3800
Prince in Pakistan: Around 287,000

Home and Office Use Laptops



Inpiron is a great choice for internet experience, mid level gaming and office work. Inspiron laptops are designed to deliver an outstanding computing experience with exceptional reliability – offering performance and design at an affordable price.

Q. Do you need a Mid-Level Multipurpose Laptop?

Q. Do you need low budget machine?

Model: Dell Inspiron 15 5547
Prince in Pakistan: Around 67,000



XPS laptops are built around the latest in high performance technologies and offer expanded services with an unrelenting focus on innovation, design, extreme gaming and exhilarating entertainment. XPS is the pinnacle of Dell technology, design and innovation.

Q. Do you need a Gaming Machine?

Q. Can you afford high budget machine?

Q. Do you demand the high quality multimedia?

Like: 15.6″ UltraSharp™ QHD+ (3200×1800) touch display
400-nit, 72% color gamut, 1000:1 contrast ratio
160° wide viewing angle – 80° / 80° / 80° / 80°
Capacitive touchscreen – 10-finger touch support
High Definition Audio with Waves MaxxAudio® Pro

Model: Dell XPS 14 Ultrabook
Prince in Pakistan: Around 112,000


Dell Vastro

Vastro is thin, light weight and highly portable Laptop with Business Class performance. Another option Vastro user have is to pay less and not take Dell’s 24*7 customer support. It makes Vastro best low budget small business machine.

Q. Do you need a business class laptop?

Q. But you cannot afford high budget machine?

Model: Dell Vastro 15 5000
Prince in Pakistan: Around 71,000

Choose your laptop wisely according to your own computing needs.

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