Everyone around the world has an association with a country as his homeland. Every country has its unique Flag as an identity. This all we know but did you think ever if planet earth, the homeland of mankind, had a flag, what would it look like?


Oskar Pernefeldt from Sweden’s Beckmans College of Design tried to find the answer. He has designed a flag to represent planet earth in the space travel.

NASA aims to colonize Mars till 2025. Eventually the flag will be needed to represent the earth on planet Mars, the flag that will not only represent specific region or culture but the earth as a unit. However, it would be a symbol of unity and peace that whichever country will reach first on Mars places the flag of Earth.


Oskar’s proposal to the flag of earth shows seven interlocking circles that represent “how everything is connected in our planet” on blue background symbolizing water as basic necessity to live on planet earth.

Watch the video explaining the process behind the flag’s creation below:

The Flag Of Planet Earth by AskAmin

John McConnell, James Cadle and Van Kirk had also presented their versions of the flag but never be selected officially. Would Oskar be successful to impress the masses to adopt his version of International Flag of Planet Earth, time will tell.

Let’s start the discussion below. If you are a graphic designer, share your ideas of earth’s flag  with us. We too are the citizens of planet earth and have equal right to design something better than Oskar. If not, let’s appreciate his work.

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