There are many factors which alter the amount of water we should drink each day. The factors include the activity levels, nature of work, sweat, age and atmospheric temperature. One thing is sure that most of us do not take enough water daily and it is a fairly safe bet.

But now you should not be worried about that as Smart Water Bottle will hit the market soon. HidriteMe water bottle is a smart water gadget that will take care of the dehydration. It will emit a glow when your body might be dehyderated.

HidriteMe has been developed by the former data analyst Nadya Nguyen with her team. The smart bottle uses sensors and an Android App that connects the smart bottle over Bluetooth. It tracks how much water intake you have, your atmospheric temperature, location, age and other parameters. The data then been processed by the App to take the smart decision and sending signal to the bottle to emit the glow on the right time.

HifriteMe is now being placed on Kickstarter as a campaign to raise 35,000USD initially but already bagged more than 200,000USD. This BPA-Free plastic bottle can hold water upto 700ml.

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The HidriteMe also works with the popular fitness trackers like FitBit. For example it tracks that if you have been running then it will increase the water need for that particular day. The location tracker in the HidriteMe App also does the same. For example if you are somewhere in the desert like Thar (Pakistan), it will also up your water need.

HidriteMe can be pledged of 45USD and expected to hit the market at the year end. The Smart Bottle comes in various colors.

What do you think about this invention? Is it a worth of 45USD? Please comment and let us know, what you think about HidriteMe.

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