Technically starting a blog is almost 15 minute process. Register a domain name, buy a Web Host, choose better CMS (Blogging Platform Like WordPress) and hit installation. Now you have a blog start publishing whatever and as much you want. Is this everything for a blogger, what do you think? However as a blogger it’s not enough for me and absolutely not for you too, right?


A better blog is not just for aspiring author or its not a money making machine usually. Its a place to tell the world how you think, or connect with other likeminded people, or record something that is important to you. This is a real and growing industry, with real money flowing about for organized people only.

Consider These Steps in Planning A Blog.

If you are going to start your first blog or next blog or even you are expert, you should always prepare for challenges. You should have a better plan and predetermined steps to follow. Keeping everything in my mind I just want to share some basic and important factors to be considered by you as a smart blogger during making a plan for your next blog.

So, this post is just about few steps to follow when you want to start a blog better than even before.


1. Why are you blogging a Blog?

Give yourself a reason of blogging, I think its quite simple for you to find out why are you going to start a blog. May be you want to spread your awesome ideas, may be you want to make money online or may be you have some leisure time to spent for useful activity. Whatever its for you note down points on a blank sheet. This will help you to go in proper direction.

Usually people start with a energy more than big bang explosion, but unfortunately very few of them can stay on track. What are secret behind success?


2. Range of your niche.

If you have proper reason, you must have an excellent niche of blogging. Evaluate whether the topic of your blog is suitable for your ongoing project. It should not be broad enough that you cannot handle or so narrow that after just a few posts you have nothing to write, these two extremes often led to the death of blog.


3. Plan What & How Much You Want To Share.

Find out what exactly you are going to share with your audience? Most often bloggers cannot decide what they should write in their next post, this is because they have no any plan even knowing niche of the blog. Do you know even on a single topic you can write thousands of fresh content ? So try to stick with a micro niche, specially if you are only author of your blog.

Quantity v/s Quality.

Quality content should be your first priority, but quantity of quality content is more important in the beginning. Suppose that you are creating a blog of 10 different topics with 5 post in every category. You still have 50 posts but actually its 5 posts, can you think about this? How can a new reader justify your blog is useful for a specific topic. More than that how Google can rank or index your blog for certain expertise. The solution is start with micro niche then add next topics gradually.


4. Your energy levels.

Its another important factor you should consider during planning for a new blog. Are you motivated enough to write about your selected topic for the long term? Ask yourself does your topic is belonging to your interest and passion.

Making a successful blog is always a long term effort and most probably you are not going to see significant ‘Success’ for a year or more. Are you ready for investment of time and energy in this continuous process? If yes, select your topic wisely and never give up blogging.


5. Time Audit (Management)

As a blogger, its most important factor that you will have to consider. Before starting your blog do a time audit on your personal and professional life. How much total time you can give for blogging? Time management and writing frequency will be more challenging issue for you. So, be honest, ask yourself how much time you have to manage your newborn blog. Even if you are completely free to blog, then also fix a specific time and routine.

Tip: To follow routine and other schedule effectively you should make your own deadline of tasks.

Internet is one of the most disturbing place, so use your time carefully when you open browser. Be careful in using social networking sites and checking email frequently, I am sure you will save lot of time.

Note: “There is no any ideal way of time management, it completely depends on an individual’s lifestyle and way of getting job done. So, optimize your time in your own way, so that you can get maximum output”.


6. Money for Planning a Blog.

Now internet is more flexible than ever before, you have both free and paid options to create wow looking blogs. As I have said never expect return of investment from your blog at-least one year ( Not exactly ) from the day it was launched. So if you have safer option to grow, why you should spend your precious money.

However if you want to give your blog a professional touch, then definitely you should buy your own web host and other requirements for better blog.


Writing and reading such type of article is always easier than implementing everything in right way. There are thousands of how to guides for planning a blog, but the way created by you for you is the only one, that will work perfectly for you.

In fact you will face lots of problem during the process. So always keep up your patience and stay positive. After all you are going to create your own kingdom of readers. Don’t forget to say hi in comment bellow. Best of luck.

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