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24 Apr 2015

Are You Happy With The Performance Of Coach Waqar Younis?

After the worst ever performance in Cricket World Cup 2015, Pakistan Cricket Team had already been criticized a lot by the masses. It was since that PCB had decided some major changes in the team and management. As Shahid Afridi and Mibah Ul Haq had announced their retirement after the

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21 Apr 2015

Remembering Moin Akhter

Many of our new generation do not know any more about Moin Akhter. They even don’t consider him, valuable to know. They may suppose, it is just a lack of time to replay his videos to watch his immensely high quality comedy work. This is only a period of four

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18 Apr 2015

Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice – Official Trailer

“Tell me,” Batman rumble, “do you bleed? “You will.” That are the lines I have taken from the very fresh Teaser of the most awaited movie of 2016, Batman Vs Superman: The Dawn of Justice. This teaser originally intended to release in a special IMAX screening but it leaked on

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15 Apr 2015

Self Improvement – Quarterly Round-Up

You must sometimes come up with the idea of “I wish I was somebody else”. This is because of fear to lose, under confidence and other insecurities you might have in your life. Self-improvement is the pre-requisite to your successful life. It helps you to re-tune yourself.   When I

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11 Apr 2015

60 SEO And Content Marketing Influencers That You Should Follow On Twitter

Ranking high in Google’s search results is the goal of every website owner.  High ranking can have a phenomenal impact on the success of your online business. With ethical SEO practices and sound content marketing strategy, you can drive targeted traffic to your website. You can either engage the expertise

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07 Apr 2015

Bollywood’s Real Face Exposed

Pakistani Songs, which were later stolen by Bollywood.

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04 Apr 2015

This Actionable Plan Will Secure Your WordPress Blog

Start-Up Bloggers usually do a common mistake and that is to leave their website or blog completely on the will of hackers. They try hard to write useful contents and spend a lot of time on the promotion but do not pay attention to the most important factor of the

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31 Mar 2015

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Now With An Intelligent Browser, Project Spartan

Windows 8, as we all know, was a failure or not had been as successful as it had to be. There are many reasons for this flunk. Like, it tried to stick mobile and pc users with the same OS. The idea was good but far beyond the norm and

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