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01 Jun 2015

Poll: Do You Want The YouTube Ban To Be Lifted From Pakistan?

It was a blasphemous video that hurt the sentiments of millions of Muslims around the world. The video was published on YouTube in September 2012. But due to the reaction of millions of Muslims, Google decided to block the video in various countries including India, Egypt, and Singapore but showed

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25 May 2015

LG Brings Out The World’s First Super Thin Wallpaper TV

Imagine the age where you can roll up your TV and put it in your bag for traveling. Sounds crazy, right! LG has introduced the groundbreaking Super Thin UHD TV that is just 1mm thick, boom. In an event in Korea, LG has drawn the worldwide attention by displaying the

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Earth Flag
21 May 2015

The Flag Of Planet Earth To Represent Earth On Mars

Everyone around the world has an association with a country as his homeland. Every country has its unique Flag as an identity. This all we know but did you think ever if planet earth, the homeland of mankind, had a flag, what would it look like? Oskar Pernefeldt from Sweden’s

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Google Self Diving Car
16 May 2015

Google’s Self Driving Car Is Ready To Make Its Debut To The Roads Of California

Last week, we have published an article on the world’s first flying motorcycle i.e. The Hoverbike. The idea of flying bike is fascinating but what is more bewitching is the topic of the day. Google has announced the success of the prototype of the world’s first Self Drive car. According

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12 May 2015

A Brief History Of Espresso

You probably would agree that coffee should be declared as the world’s favorite drink. In the morning, many of us cannot think to wake without a cup of coffee, right. With the passage of time, new additions and varieties have been introduced that has increased the trend to have coffee

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08 May 2015

The World’s First Flying Motorcycle: The Hover Bike

If you are a fan of science fiction, you might dream of the world with Gravity-Free Vehicles and Flying Bikes similar to The BAT, Batman’s modern vehicle. The good news is that your wish is going to come true soon as Flying Bikes are being designed and tested by few

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03 May 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road – Mega Preview

I never thought that this day would come that finally we are here to say that the new installment of MAD MAX franchise is ready to hit the theaters. The movie has had to struggle a lot to get made. The movie has been in the works for almost a

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27 Apr 2015

A Super Easy Tip To Increase Your Blog Reads: With Case Study

The very first goal of any blogger is to get maximum reads of his new blog post. He knows very well that ROI of his hard working and time-investment would depend on the maximum reads of his new post. If you have written a great post, let’s say your best

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