Some people are so satisfied that they would not like to improve themselves. The methods given here are; you will learn something of the way, the subconscious mind works.

Habits, thinking and behavior patterns cause the personality development. The treatment of emotional problems can be used for self-help. Such insights are definite advice, better to learn them. It is fascinating that you can change character, traits, habits to overcome problems even any psychosomatic illness. They may need medical treatment. However, it can be applied without danger. To clean up problems and wrong thinking, even to get rid of some illness like asthma, chronic headache; self-treatment is possibly effective.

The methods given here are shortcuts, easy to apply and have excellent result in short length of time. Most, who follow the methods will certainly get benefits.


Increase your power of concentration and develop a good memory.

Concentration: No matter you have an excellent mind but how you concentrate matters. Naturally, you usually concentrate much better, when you are interested. When your mind is dulled or too much active, you will be unable to concentrate. To forget is also important.

Of course, there is a need to forget, because it would be a most terrible burden and unpleasant if you never forget. To keep the conscious mind free, it is important to be able to forget, before remembering.

It happens when you tend to thrust out. The interested part is that the inner-mind receives and stores, even when being entirely unnoticed on the conscious level.

“I have a poor memory” is a very common thing to hear or speak, while everyone’s memory is actually perfect. In fact, it is not the memory itself but the ability to use it.


Your first step is to learn better concentration.

Most of us have a brilliant mind, but many of them are unable to concentrate well. They are not able to use their mind efficiently. You may seem to have this difficulty even when you have good intelligence. Students in particular have this problem in common. This is because their inability to concentrate.

For instant; the name of someone you meet, you should not give attention to the names instead register the face of that person to the name. The face will provide the clear association.

EXAMPLE1: Learning with the help of pictures and sketches is much easier. Our mind is more willing to concentrate on visual data and it gives association to the things we want to remember. That is why CBT Trainings and info graphics now days are very popular for learning.


The Second Step is to memorize things by writing it down to a note book. Your subconscious mind will help you to better recall.

EXAMPLE2: N, a 15 year old girl says that writing is the most helpful way to memorize things faster. It is several times repeated while you read and write. The hand on experience with the words and sentences concentrate your mind to the topic and then develop a picture in your mind when to recall.


The Third is step: shut out distraction, bring your mind back to the matter in your hand. Study in a comfortable position. Reading aloud and writing down is helpful.

Concentration means to fix your attention and shutting down distraction. What you absorb can be recall. When your mind is too active, it jumps from one thing to another.

EXAMPLE3: A 14 year old student of middle level shares his experience that how he manages to vacant his mind while there is interruption in memorizing something.

“You can postpone them just as your uninvited visitors as you have much important thing to do first. You should concentrate in-hand work, then the next whatever come afterword. Evacuate your mind to keep yourself out of physical and mental disturbance. Arrange the atmosphere as much comfortable as you can do.”


Forth Step: Psychological block.

“I cannot remember“and such phrases are often heard. These act as suggestions and can block your memory.

EXAMPLE4: A young boy tells, “It is very much idiotic to hear that what can be memorized by others cannot be possibly memorized by you.  If there is failure in other part of your life does not mean that you will fail to memorize too.”

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