Earning money online as a freelancer not only the best legitimate way to cash your skills online but also gives you the freedom to choose your own boss daily. Thousands of freelancers suffuse over internet to hundreds of websites, which offer micro works, for their bread and butter. If you are skillful, particularly to online industry, then it is absolute that you too can earn money by freelance work.

Every industry including freelancing has its challenges. The formula is simple; resolve the glitches and earn some bucks but you have to be aware of freelancing vista to look professional, to work on things you know and love. I am not writing here an E Book to become a successful self-employed person. But this post is an ultimate article in the sense that how novice can kick starts freelancing.


Why People Need Freelancers?

The first understanding, you should have, is why people hire freelancers? The answer hide under the immense benefits of freelancing, some of them are listed below.

• It is economical to hire a freelancer than to hire a company.
• There is no need to tangle in signing contracts and other legal papers.
• Payments can be made easily.
• Vast choice of skilled persons.
• Can meet online and go through their previous works.
• Can select the candidate with high ratings and number of previous successful jobs.
• Order can be revised as per your utter satisfaction.
• Get work done even with a tightened project timeline.


Become A Right Freelancer For A Client.

It is necessary to understand that what a potential client looking for in a freelancer. After all, he is not only going to pay you money but also risk his time and project. He deserves to find the right person for his job. He needs quality results and functional outcome of his investment. I can’t approximate what does clients think before rewarding the project to a freelancer. Based on my experience, as I offshore a lot of my work to the specialist, I can share with you what I usually see in a freelancer.

• The freelancer should have the experienced in working the same sort of projects.
• The freelancer should have the positive ratings by previous clients.
• Reading the previous clients testimonials if available.
• Go through his work portfolio.
• Ask for the project timeline.
• Ask for the payouts, if you are not using freelancing bidding system.
• Should agree to multiple revisions until full satisfaction.
• Research one more time to get the better alternative.

Clients look for more or less the same as above, while searching their perfect match. In the above discussion you should have noticed one thing and that is clients usually look for experienced freelancers. I know this little hurts some of you but do not worry, I can sort out this for you.

The good news is that this is not true in all the cases. The bad news is you have to do a lot of hard work to be established as an experienced freelancer. Now that is something not only hectic but also time consuming.

You should know:

• Experienced freelancers are usually highly-paid.
• Those who have tight budget, compelled to work with intermediates and beginners.
• It is hard to find a slot for new project with experienced worker.
• Fresh freelancers have more spare time and hence they can deliver the project before time.


Do Some Preparationapple-606761_640

The problem with the novice is that they are impatient. They try to introduce themselves directly into the market without any preparation. It creates a bad impression to the project managers that would become their clients in future. Prepare yourself before you test the waters and then hit the targets, it would certainly distinct you among the other fresh candidates.

• Think what are you expert in? Think your area of expertise like, graphics, animation, web development, writer, photographer, architect etc
• Prepare your portfolio. Let’s assume you are good in graphics designing. Design some eye catching unique samples of business cards, logos, FB banners, illustrations etc. I advise you to make at least 5 different samples of each category.
• Try to design the sample as your best work. Put all your intelligence and effort to make your sample innovative, eye catching and market competent because these samples will make you to get your first work.
• Make your blog, you can learn in my previous articles that how to make a blog and publish it in few easy steps.
• Try to pick a blog URL as; yournamefreelancer.wordpress.com etc
• Make an about me page. Try to write details about your expertise, skills and technical qualification. Make as detailed the about me page as possible. Try to use some technical language as it gives an impression how sound your technical knowledge is.
• Now make a portfolio page and put all your work (Sample Work), with your watermark, in neat manner.
• The final step, make a contact me page with your valid contact information.
• Note that always update the blog after any order you would deliver.
• Try to market your blog on social network.


How To Find Freelance Work?

We have talked about the business owners or project managers and freelancers. The big question is how do they find each other? I advise you to target these 3 main spot on internet. I call these spots as Hot Spot for freelancers.


Freelancing Web Services:

There are dozens of web portals that offer free services to work seeker and freelance seeker. They are actually matchmakers and guarantor to ensure smooth process from biding to final settlements.
These freelancing portals work in 5 gears.

1. Clients post project details in an appropriate category.
2. Freelancers bid on the project that how much they would charge for this particular project.
3. The client then chooses his best match.
4. Freelancer delivers his work with satisfaction.
5. Freelancer gets payment settlement.

Below are some of the leading freelancing portals to start with.

1. www.freelancer.com
2. www.elance.com
3. www.guru.com
4. www.odesk.com
5. www.getacoder.com

The mechanism is pretty straight forward, right? Comply these two tips to increase your chances:

1. After login on these sites, complete your full profile. Fill each and every detailed in the profile, that mostly freelancers are lazy to complete their profile page. When some once bids in, the project manager visits his profile. If he finds an incomplete profile then he may think that the guy is not serious in working. So make sure to fill complete details into your profile page.
2. After bidding the particular project, personal message the publisher. In the PM, describe that you understand his demand and that you have innovative ideas for his project. Also request him to visit your blog so that he can get the idea of your expertise.


Freelancing Service Portals:

This may confuse you a bit, let me clarify you. The difference between freelancing web service and freelance web portal is;

Freelancing web service: Clients post projects and freelancers bid them.
Freelancer web portals: Freelancer display their services, clients come and pick the best service providers.

Some of the most popular freelancing portals are;

1. www.fiverr.com
2. www.peopleperhour.com
3. www.gigbucks.com

Note down that the keys to success in such type of freelancing portals are:

1. Offer more in less price
2. Display some samples
3. Make a short video and explain your offer
4. Write detail description of your gig.
5. Try to get positive ratings from clients even on the sake of giving them some bonus it counts.


Use social networks:

It sounds crazy at first but it is true. You can get freelance work even with social networks; you just should be able to harvest its full potentials.

1. Facebook Groups
2. LinkedIn Groups
3. Xing Groups

These three spots are most active and hundreds of people are leveraging by hiring freelancers directly from these groups. Note down the below tips;

1. Find and join appropriate group that match your niche.
2. Publish an introductory post, must be brief but explains what you are good in.
3. Be an active member of the community.

Freelancing is a great way to earn money online and to work from home. I can bet that you can easily win some projects if you follow the above guide. Millions of people get freelance projects online then why you can’t.
Please comment about your freelancing experiences. You can also post some suggestion as I love your feedback, please help me to improve this article.

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