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What Is Askamin.com?

ASK AMIN is your friend that helps you to learn something New, Inspirational or Trendy. ASK AMIN features News, Events, Science, Technology, Health, Food, Personal Care, Lifestyle, Arts, Entertainment, Money, Business and facts. It manifest Lists, Tips and How-To Topics with Text, Images, Info Graphic and Video format.

You can write and make content for Askamin.com

If you are a Creative Person and you have the ability to Write, Click Photographs and Making Videos then Askamin.com is the best opportunity to introduce yourself to a broader audience. No experience necessary.

What Should I Post To ASKAMIN?

Askamin.com has been established to have a place to publish Inspirational, Interesting, Comic, Fresh, Vogue and Knowledgebase socially Shareable contents. We accept submissions for original, feature-length articles only. We accept only original contents. Check out some samples below to get the idea, what we publish.

How-To Article
List Post
Gallery Post
Video Post
Movie Review

What Niche can I post on?

We feature the following niches. If you are good on another category which is not listed here, you can suggest us.

Arts & Entertainment
Health & Food
Money & Business
News & Events
Personal Care & Lifestyle
Science & Technology
Lists & Facts

How can I submit my contents?

We discourage automatically submitted contents. We have a very strong spam policy. You can submit your contents by email: contribute@askamin.com or send us a message here. We have all the rights reject, alter, publish, unpublish, republish and modify your contents. However, we never miss credit your submitted content. All your contribution will be published under your name. If you will become a contributor:

You will be entitled as our “AUTHOR”.
You can introduce yourself on our Author Page.
You can Link back Your Personal Blog to your Author Profile.
You can Add Your Social Media Links on Your Author Page.
We Will Share Your Post on Our Social Media Pages and hence a larger audience.

Can I make money by contributing my contents to Askamin.com?

Yes, you can make money by contributing contents to Askamin.com. If you are energetic, enthusiastic, creative and keen to make money than no one can stop you.

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You can make money with Askamin.com straightaway if your content goes viral. Viral content is any piece of media (Article, Video, Image and News) that all of a sudden becomes an online sensation. Posts go viral when they get traffic from somewhere else on the web. In simple words when a post heavily shared, like and linked in social media, it becomes a viral post. The money you will make by viral post depends on statistics of your post.

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