10 Jun 2015

Smart Water Bottle Will Glow When You Need To Drink

There are many factors which alter the amount of water we should drink each day. The factors include the activity levels, nature of work, sweat, age and atmospheric temperature. One thing is sure that most of us do not take enough water daily and it is a fairly safe bet.

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12 May 2015

A Brief History Of Espresso

You probably would agree that coffee should be declared as the world’s favorite drink. In the morning, many of us cannot think to wake without a cup of coffee, right. With the passage of time, new additions and varieties have been introduced that has increased the trend to have coffee

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04 Feb 2015

12 Facts You Need To Know About Barbecues

A few decades back, many of us love to arrange Barbecue Parties at least once a year. Especially on the Eid Ul Adha Festival, this is also known as Bari Eid, Pakistani s love to gather to enjoy making barbecue. This tradition is growing fast and now not limited to

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22 Dec 2014

Managing Stress

Stress is simply a reaction to stressor (Environmental condition or stimulus) that disturb our physical or mental equilibrium. According to the stressful event the body’s way to respond to stress is fight or flight response causing hormones, Adrenaline and Cortisol to surge through body. This response recruits the body’s energy

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15 Dec 2014

14 Reasons To Add Green Tea Into Your Daily Diet

In ancient times, the Chinese have studied benefits of Green Tea and found it as a miraculous drink. Since then, Tea holds an interesting place in their culture. It is often used to express sentiments too. In Buddhist tradition, Tea Ceremony is an event where tea is specially prepared and

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12 Dec 2014

5 Diet Tips For Business Travelers

Skills, coupled with business travel, needed to live productively during the trip tenure. This is important if someone is on long business trip. Traveling via airplane, using taxicabs, Check-In Check-Out Hotels and work stress can down even the most experience business travelers. In the scenario above, diet plays an important

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