18 Jul 2015

Do Not Miss Your Eid Treat, Watch Wrong Number or Bin Roye

First of all, Team AskAmin wishes you and your family a very blessed Eid-Ul-Fitar. The last night was very special for two reasons, I hope. The first is very obvious i.e. due to Chand Raat and the second reason is of slightly different typeface and i.e. the stir in our

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14 Jul 2015

Earn Money Online | A Roundup Post

Every one of us wants to earn money beside our main source of income. Some write blogs, do freelancing and sell stuffs. Some do it as a full-time job. Whatever the case is, if you are novice, then you have to need a guidance to earn money online. The first

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07 Jul 2015

Microsoft Will Reward $100,000 To Researchers For The Proposal On Holographic Computing

A few months back, Alex Kipman from Microsoft has announced the concept of HoloLens. HoloLens is an augmented reality device that blends the digital world to our real world. The HoloLens includes HPU (Holographic Processing Unit) along with other sensors and spatial sound, Kipman said. Now the news is that

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29 Jun 2015

6 Day Program To Positive Thinking [INFOGRAPHIC]

I am pretty sure that every one of us has a promising bright idea but concealed in the mind. Of course we want to test the idea as soon as possible because we are usually confident about its success. This confidence is a motivation to churn the creative thoughts to

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21 Jun 2015

Microsoft Introduces A New Way To Give Away Windows 10 For Free

Microsoft Windows 10 is continuously creating buzz. We have already shared almost every upcoming News regarding the release of the last Windows Version i.e. Windows 10. We have discussed that Windows 10 will have an Intelligent Browser Project Spartan, the windows is releasing at the end of July 15 and

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Gidh Movie
16 Jun 2015

Pakistani Movie GIDH – Extended Teaser Will Blow Your Mind

Lollywood is rising day by day and there is no doubt about that. There are more than 50 flicks in production. Some of them are worth mentioned here like Yalghaar, Wrong Number, Revange Of The Worthless, Waar2, Remake Of Maula Jatt, Price Of Honor, Moor, Bin Roye, Jawani Phir Nahi

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10 Jun 2015

Smart Water Bottle Will Glow When You Need To Drink

There are many factors which alter the amount of water we should drink each day. The factors include the activity levels, nature of work, sweat, age and atmospheric temperature. One thing is sure that most of us do not take enough water daily and it is a fairly safe bet.

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01 Jun 2015

Poll: Do You Want The YouTube Ban To Be Lifted From Pakistan?

It was a blasphemous video that hurt the sentiments of millions of Muslims around the world. The video was published on YouTube in September 2012. But due to the reaction of millions of Muslims, Google decided to block the video in various countries including India, Egypt, and Singapore but showed

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25 May 2015

LG Brings Out The World’s First Super Thin Wallpaper TV

Imagine the age where you can roll up your TV and put it in your bag for traveling. Sounds crazy, right! LG has introduced the groundbreaking Super Thin UHD TV that is just 1mm thick, boom. In an event in Korea, LG has drawn the worldwide attention by displaying the

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Earth Flag
21 May 2015

The Flag Of Planet Earth To Represent Earth On Mars

Everyone around the world has an association with a country as his homeland. Every country has its unique Flag as an identity. This all we know but did you think ever if planet earth, the homeland of mankind, had a flag, what would it look like? Oskar Pernefeldt from Sweden’s

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