You probably would agree that coffee should be declared as the world’s favorite drink. In the morning, many of us cannot think to wake without a cup of coffee, right. With the passage of time, new additions and varieties have been introduced that has increased the trend to have coffee in your daily routine.

The discovery of coffee is very interesting to know. It is said that in Africa, when a goat herder saw his goats eating some berries and behaving quite funny. He tried out some berries himself. What he found that the barriers were quite refreshing.

This brief article will let you know about the brief history of Espresso.

A business man, Luigi Bezzera, invented the Espresso at the beginning of the 19th century. He was experimenting to find out the way to brew coffee faster. During the R&D, he figured that by applying pressure to the brew process, you could achieve a faster coffee. This led to the invention of “Fast Coffee Machine”. He never thought that his idea would not only make the process fast but also enhanced the taste, led to better strong coffee. The method of quickly brewing the beans, Fast Coffee, was later termed as Espresso.  In Italian, the espresso means fast.

Luigi Bezzera did not market his product well. Until, Desidero Pavoni arrived on the scene. Pavoni shown a great interest in the Espresso Machine and finally was able to purchase the rights from Bezzera.

He marketed the product well and then the machine was rapidly got attention and popularity.  It was Pavoni’s effort that change the way we drink coffee from then so.

Just look around! You will find the Coffee and Espresso shops everywhere, they are popping up very fast like on Gas Stations, Restaurants, Cafes, Canteen and Shopping Malls.



Espresso: The Brief Timeline


Luigi Bezzera filed a patent for his Espresso Machine in 1901. The machine then contained a boiler and four “groups”. Each group could take different size filters that contained the coffee.  Boiling water was forced through the coffee and into a cup.


Two years later, in 1903, Desiderio Pavoni purchased the patent rights from Bezzera. That was the time he introduced the machine to the world.


In 1905, due to excessive orders, The Pavoni Company began the mass manufacturing of the espresso machines.


In 1927 First espresso machine was installed in the United States.


In 1938 Cremonesi also designed a machine that was based on a piston pump that forced hot water through the coffee.


The piston machine got popularity because it produced foam or cream layered coffee. In 1946 Gaggia begins manufacturing the commercial piston machine.

If you have any further information about Espresso’s History, please let us know and help us to improve this article.

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