Pakistan is unquestionably the most blessed piece of land on earth. It is country of four seasons, multi cultures, hospitable people, rich heritage and amazing scenery. Pakistan has beautiful architecture, amazing food and stunning geographical wonders. The sensational views in the north of Pakistan are emphatically a delight to human eyes.

The landscape of Pakistan ranges from elevated mountain ranges in northern area, the Karakoram and the Himalayas, through highlands to the rich plains of the Punjab. Then it follows treasured land of Baluchistan and the hot deserts of Sindh, fluxing into several miles of beaches of Makran coast.

Pakistan is the land of colors and full of variety that even many Pakistanis don’t get to see the whole paradise. You have to visit the place to explore it. However, the photographs give you a good idea of how the place looks and how it feels like. It also helps you to decide what places you should visit when you are planning a trip to Pakistan.

We have comprised a list of Amazing Places of Pakistan that most of us did not get a chance to go. The list is random and we are planning to publish more such lists in future. The photos in the list are taken from different sources Like Pinterest, Flickr etc. We are trying to give Photo Credits to all those amazing Pakistani Photographers.

Please, give us your feedback; we really need it to improve our articles. If you too want to add any place from Pakistan, please contact us.


1. Hussaini Hanging Bridge in Hunza, Northern Pakistan

8a93672514d705838e71dd3acbe0d854 A bridge in Hunza in northern PakistanHussaini Hanging Bridge is among the most dangerous bridges in the world. It helps to cross Borit Lake in the Upper Hunza. Despite its dangerous build, it looks stunning and an attraction for tourists and hikers across the globe.


2. Attabad Lake in Gojal, Northern Pakistan

Attabad Lake in PakistanAttabad Lake is also known as Gojal Lake is the result of heavy landslide happened in 2010. Since then, this amazing lake in the Northern Pakistan has been successful in attracting the tourist.


3. Baltoro Muztagh Range Karakoram, Pakistan

Baltoro Muztagh Range Karakoram, PakistanBaltoro Muztagh Range Karakoram is a heavenly mountain range in Gilgit-Bultistan Province of Pakistan.


4. Baltoro Glecier

Baltoro Glacier, PakistanThis 63 Km long glacier is famous to be the longest glacier of the world outside the polar region.


5. Bhurban, Muree.

Bhurband PC, Muree.This small town Bhurban is certainly the tourist paradise in Pakistan. Situated in Muree, the place is among the most visited places in Pakistan.


6. Dubair Valley – Kohistan, Pakistan

Dubair Valley - Kohistan, PakistanDubair is one of the many blessed land of KPK, Pakistan. It has worth watch natural terrain.


7. Gurdwara Panja Sahib, Hasan Abdal, Pakistan

Gurdwara Panja Sahib, Hasan Abdal Pakistan - Nadeem KhawerGurdwara Panja Sahib, Hasan Abdal, Pakistan. Photo credit – Nadeem Khawer.

8. K2

K2K2 is the 2nd highest mountain of the world. Besides its height, its killer looks makes it a must visit place on earth. Tourist all over the world visits this amazing place, some in quest of climbing and some to see its beauty.


9. Katas Raj Mandir (Katas, Pakistan)

533348823061af4496aeee513e7bceddKatasraj Mandir is a Hindu temple complex situated in Chakwal district of Punjab. The temple is imputed to lord Shiva in the days of Mahabharata.


10. Lakes of Naltar Valley in Gilgit-Baltistan

lakes of Naltar Valley in Gilgit-BaltistanAround 25 Miles from Gilgit, Naltar valley is situated with terrific mountain scenery. The naturally green lakes makes Naltar to visit at least once.


 11. Mahodand Lake, Swat Valley, Pakistan

Mahodand Lake, Swat Valley, PakistanThis paradise on earth is situated in Swat, KPK. What else do you want to see on earth, look in to the breath taking view, it is undisputed a blessing to Pakistan.


12. Mount Rakaposhi, Pakistan.

Mount Rakaposhi, Pakistan. Rakaposhi, is in the Karakoram - Atif SaeedAtif Saeed has taken this fantastic photo, around 100 KM away from the center from Bultistan, called Rakaposhi. Besides its beauty, Rakaposhi is popular in the world due to its uninterruptedly nearly 6000 miles vertical height.


13. Neelum Valley, AJK

Neelum ValleyWho can dare to question on the beauty of Kashmir? Neelam Valley situated in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, in the north west of Muzaffarabad.


14. Princess of Hope

Princess Of HopeThis will sound you interesting, the stone statue standing in the costal belt of Makran, Princess of Hope; can be seen in the Largest National Park of Pakistan, Hangol.


15. Quetta

QuettaI was astonished to see the beauty, when I first visited Quetta 2 Years back. What makes Quetta special, loving people and that the city is surrounding by mountains.


16. Saif-Ul-Maluk, Kaghan, Pakistan

Saif-ul-Maluk, Kaghan, Pakistan - JahanzebPhoto taken by Jahanzeb, this is none other than the world’s famous Lake Saif-Ul-Malook. Situated in amazing terrain of Kaghan, this lake attracts thousands of tourists around the Pakistan and the world.


17. Trango Towers – Himalayas Baltistan

Trango Towers - Himalayas BaltistanIt is Gilgit-Baltistan again, where Trango Towers, the tallest rock tower family in the world, is attracting number of expeditions from around the world to climb the most challenging granite cliffs.


Worth Mention


18. Shandur Lake, Ghizer, Pakistan Atif Saaeed

Shandur Lake, Ghizer, Pakistan Atif Saaeed


19. Swat River, Bahrain Pakistan

Swat River, Bahrain Pakistan

20. The Arches of the Pakistan Monument, Islamabad

The Arches of the Pakistan Monument

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