A few decades back, many of us love to arrange Barbecue Parties at least once a year. Especially on the Eid Ul Adha Festival, this is also known as Bari Eid, Pakistani s love to gather to enjoy making barbecue. This tradition is growing fast and now not limited to EID Festival. Almost every restaurant nowadays is offering verity of Barbecue to their customers. There are our own regional Barbecue and Grill recipe. Tikka, Seekh Kebab, Malai Boti or Gola Kebab, our own traditional Barbecue has a lot to offer to a gourmet.

Barbecue has become a common item in the lives of Pakistanis. Whether there are Marriages, Birthday Parties or Family Reunions, all these different occasion have a common food i.e. BBQ. We know a lot on variety of Barbecue available in our nearest restaurant but how much do we really know about barbecuing? Let’s have a look on some Facts about Barbecue.

1) Barbecues originated in thousands of years ago. In 2007 scientists have uncovered that early humans were used to Slow-Cooked Meat at low temperature.

2) In Asia, the BBQ food was introduced in early 1800.

3) According to surveys done by the Barbecue Industry Association, half of all marshmallows consumed in the U.S. have been flame roasted.

4) We are not clear that where the word barbecue came from? Many believe that it came from the American-Indian word “Barbacoa”, a wood on which foods were cooked.

5) There are various styles of making barbecue but Smoking, Roasting, Braising and Grilling are the most common.

6) Every year in May, The World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest is Memphis, Tennessee.

7) Kansas City, Missouri and Lexington, North Carolina both claim to be the barbecue capitals of the world.

8) The most popular day for barbecuing in Pakistan is Eid-Ul-Adha.

9) Spain claims to introduce Pork first time in BBQ.

10) BBQ has inspired variety of food items. Its delicious taste has become the base of BBQ Sauces, BBQ Pizza, BBQ Spices and BBQ hamburgers.

11) Regional Variations in BBQ Food can be classified like below.

• Africa
• Caribbean
• East Asia
• Sothern Asia
• Northern Asia
• Central and Southern Asia
• Middle East
• Europe
• North America
• South America

12) During the World War II, barbecue was the most widely eaten dish amongst the soldiers.

You must be found of Pakistani BBQ. I would recommend you to visit Al-Habib restaurant, Karachi or Bundu Khan, Lahore as they both offer best BBQ Taste.

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